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The garden tech stack.

I tried to have one rule when building this website: A minimal stack for a minimal garden. Let's dive in.

The Stack

  • Next.js
  • React
  • Markdown
  • Styled Components
  • Hosted on Vercel

I felt like this would be more than enough for the occasional post, plus it would still give me plenty of flexibility to add more in the future if I decided to.

Next.js has been growing on me after working with it more lately, and combining it with Vercel was a no-brainer since they go so well together.

React because, well, it's React.

I went with Markdown when it came to writing posts (like this one). I just create a new Markdown (.md) file in my "drafts" folder and start writing. When it's ready to publish, I simply move the file over to the "posts" folder and push the latest changes to the repository. GitHub and Vercel take care of the rest.

And last but not least, Styled Components. Most times I'll just go with good ole CSS and call it a day, but Styled Components plays nice with React and allows me to quickly have logic-based styling in the few places I wanted.

If you want to create something similar, you can watch this Next.js/Markdown Blog tutorial by Brad Traversy and accomplish most of this in an afternoon.

So, there you have it. Nothing too crazy, but it gets the job done.

See ya later!

-- Kyle

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